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Milonga Codes

 In the Dancefloor:

  • The imaginary line that composed by the row of dancers is called line of dancing(línea de baile). On this line the dancers move counterclockwise.
  • In a dance floor it is common to exist more than one line of dance (exterior,1st interior, 2nd interior). Avoid switching lines while the music is playing and all the couples are dancing. If that happens for any disruption or too much people in the same line you must be sure that you don´t disturb any of the dancers nearby
  • There is no surpassing other couple dancing because we all have the same rights and duties to one another on the dance floor.
  • Don´t execute steps in the reverse way of the circulation of the dance floor.
  • Keep the line of dancing running fluid on the dance floor. Don´t pressure the couple in front of you and leave enough space to allow the couple in the back to execute its movements.
  • The leader of the couple dancing is the responsible for taking care of  the one who is dancing with him and so avoiding bumps with other couples; if that happens by accident you can show your care for the other apologizing no matter who caused the mistake.
  • Take in consideration that an every empty space on the dancefloor can be occupied at any moment and it may be necessary to reced swiftly in between moving.
  • Movements of tango show that promote dancer to lift their feet and ocuppy too much space don´t make any sense in a place where the embrace is the essence/meaning ofthe tango milonguero
  • Don´t show your skills/tricks as a dancer. Show you hability of being carefull and taking care of the one you’re dancing with as well as with all the others.

Outside the dancefloor and invitations to dance

  • Invitations are made by mirada and cabeceo
  • The tandas (sequences of musics separated by a “cortina”) are composed by 3 or 4 musics. Between them there as so called musical “cortina”. The cortina exists so people can search a new dance partner and also to choose if they feel like dancing the new orquestra that is comming after the cortina. We should not remain in the dance floor while the cortina plays and in the beginning of each tanda because that can block the possibility of the cabeceo to the other people in the milonga.
  • In the moment the tanda ends the gentlemen takes the lady to the same place she was before the invitation.  

Respecting these codes and you will be able to enjoy truthfully and deeply the milongas.