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4 days of traditional Tango in close embrace.

4 days devoted to rioplatense culture and tango argentino experience.

4 days to share the same location.

4 days to share the pleasures of Portuguese cuisine

4 days lo live in community

4 days to live all together

4 days of sunny spring in the heart of the Algarve.

This is the concept of Retiro Milongueiro!

Dear Friends,

We have set up this event so we could live for four days the beauty of “being together” and enjoy the traditional closed embrace tango.

The guiding principles for this event are the same as a “Encuentro Milonguero” – traditional tango, dancers respecting the codes, invites by “Mirada and cabeceo”, gender balanced number of participants – however, we planned to add something seldom achieved: the possibility of being housed in the same place, sharing meals, conversations and friendship, in the company of all with whom we share hugs.

As in this first edition, we chose again the “Palácio de Estoi” to its unparalleled beauty … In this location – rated Hotel Monument – we will enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the pleasures of local gastronomy, without forgetting the beauty of hugs!

The spaces of “Stables” and the “Three Graces” will be used as a large ballroom with wooden floor, a bar and a lounge area.

To keep the value of accomodation as low as possible for the entire community of dancers, the values – per person per night – are ranging from € 25 (room quadruple) to 80 €! (single room)