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   Marco Evola (IT)

Marco Evola is a tango DJ since 1998 and has been working in Italy and in other european countries. He proposes traditional music and appreciates to provide simplicity because “the leading figure of the night is not the DJ… but the music…”.


gmdjGato Milongueiro  (Pt) 

Resident DJ of “Noche de Tango!” (Café Lusitano) since November of 2005 and pontual guest in other regular milongas (in Porto and Lisboa) (Maus Hábitos de Salão, Porto Nuevo, La Porteñita, Breyner 85, A Promotora) and  Djing in Encontros Ensueños (2012, 2014 – 2015), A Promotora (2013 – 2015), Noci Tango (2013) , Weekend Milongueiro  (Villa Giacomelli, 2014) e Roma Milongueira (2014).

“It’s a huge privilege for me to prepare and care for the milonga DJing – after all, it’s all about the hard and demanding care needed for all the “milongueros” of the ball room…

…y siga el Tango!”


dj Silencio   Silencio Azul (Pt)

I believe that each Milonga has its own identity and that the Dj has a crucial role in the course of the dance floor and, as a consequence, in the happiness of all its participants. I seek to feel throughout the milonga its energy and mood and choose the music that better fits each situation without compromising the rioplatense tradition. The challenge is to take the most accurate emotion out of each traditional orchestra.

I am one of the organizers of the Milonga A Promotora where I am one of its residents DJs.

As a tango teacher both of children and adults, I believe that the music has a crucial role in our evolution.


patricia-santos    Patrícia Santos (Pt)

Patrícia was born in the city of Porto (Portugal) and discoverd tango in 2005. Five years later she began Djing in milongas. As a milonguera she believes in the impact that music can produce in the dance/milonga and, ins this sense, while she is Djing, tries to enfatize the orquestras that, is her own view, allow the dancefloor to keep its proper order and that also create a unique feeling of sharing between milongueros that, in that moment and space can (re)find themselves.

She also is a part of the organizing team of the encontro milonguero Ensueños.


  Philippe Gonella (Fr)

My name is “El gitango” because I consider myself as a wanderer milonguero, who teaches, organizes Milonguero Meetings, DJs, and all this for one reason only: I love the Tango.

I describe the music I DJ as simple and very danceable – most of it from the Golden Age, with their respective singers, since poetry and lyrics give Tango a whole other meaning.

Seeking with all my heart to feel and trace the energy of the dance floor, what we also call the famous “blue note”.

Lynn Collins (UK)   

My aim is to energise, entice and inspire dancers with the music so that hearts are touched and bodies flow in response. With this in mind, I play traditional tracks from the late twenties to early fifties in tandas with cortinas, focusing predominantly on the exquisite treasures of the Golden Age.